What Are The 6 Keys To Building A Life Long Partnership With Your Horse?

Most people who have horses would like to develop a quality
relationship with their horse, but only achieve mediocrity,
often accepting this as a good result. Why, because they
put there efforts into becoming experts at riding or
showmanship when they really need to be focusing on becoming
horseman. First you need to develop a base a starting
point you can build on, a base involving both the horse and
you, developing a life long partnership.

If you’re someone who is serious about developing your
horsemanship skills, horse training skills or just want a great
relationship with your horse I would encourage you to (subscribe to The Roundup) examine and then put into practice ALL 6 keys below. It’s essential that you not leave
any of the six out if you’re to realize the end result, a lifetime partnership with your horse that is safe, enjoyable and rewarding.

1. Understanding

You need to understand your horse. To do that you have to
understand how horses think.

2. Mind-set

Your attitude= How you communicate. Being assertive vs.
aggressive and being evenhanded. Your mind-set (attitude)
affects the mind-set (attitude) of your horse.

3. Approach

Helping your horse to understand what it is you want him to

4. Patients

Be patient/tolerant; take the time do it right and you
won’t have to go back and do it again and again.

5. Creativeness

Creating challenges for you and your horse. Learning what
the two of you can accomplish together. Why settle for

6. Equipment

Having the proper horse equipment, understanding what it’s
for and how it’s used is essential.

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